Simone Pelliconi – Fighting Back The Tears (Chew-z Netlabel – Free Download MP3/Zip)

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Chew-Z Netlabel presenta una nuova uscita, disponibile in download dal nostro sito :




The number 10 of our catalogue, Fighting Back The Tears by Simone Pelliconi. This is the first album for Simone on Chew-Z and it is the first episode on a series of releases called Stock Options: a journey in retrieving and re-editing old songs, raw sounds in a new way. Fighting Back The Tears is our hit for the summer: happy IDM and some acid trips 🙂 This album is available in download through our website on mp3 format (320kps) in zip archive; on the release page you can listen all the tracks directly.



 Simone Pelliconi - Fighting Back The Tears




Simone Pelliconi – Fighting Back The TearsCWZ010



Some notes about this artist :

Simone Pelliconi has started his artistic adventure in the 90’s as singer and drum machine programmer into a new wave – rock band, when they splitted up, he continued his personal passion into programming and sampling.

In 1997, he founded with Oscuro Pier Nicola, the Amalsunta project, that released about twelve album, nine of these had been released on

From 2000 he started a new personal project switching from midi programming to the audio editing and audio tracking and then on the creation of sounds trough mathematics played by soft-synths, entering definitely on Computer Music. From 2006, he started publishing his compositions and music collaborations on his blog, and also performing live.

The summer will be hot, and we know that Fighting Back The Tears will be your drug against humidity, sun and bugz !



Our artists and us are concentrated on the next updates:

We’ll release the first EP for Riga (an audio/visual project from Milan): they kicks live and also in studio ! Then, Mr. Yorgl will publish his album, he’s a french producer with a great taste for broken beats.

We’ve just upgraded our website with a new layout and withe some new contents.


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