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Eniac – The Wagon Tracklist:

1. Mag24

2. Timetable Error!

3. Ligneo

4. Ant1

5. My Departure Plan

6. Sc0303


Release date: 20/03/2007

The Wagon is a 6 tracks’ album, composed by Fabio Battistetti – Eniac, between 2004 and 2006.

The carrying topic of The Wagon is the railway suggestions : travelling on a train is a temporary place, and a typical place to observe… Eniac, started from this point in composing, the music for this project.


The Wagon is also a mixedmedia performance where the audio side meets the visual set (based on landscapes from the wagon’s window).


The author has always had a passion for the travels in train, this passion become habit when he started travelling everyday along the railway TUrin – Milan, during these travels he has been composed a couple of songs of the album (with a laptop), and he has begun to plan the mixedmedia version of this project, and he filmed the video: Packetfiltering.


Produced at home and on a train during 2004; recorded and edited between may 2005 and january 2006, by Fabio Battistetti. Instruments: laptop, pedal effect, field recordings.

Infos: http://www.laminifanzine.it/eniac




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